Build Maryville - Fireman's Park Entertainment Pavilion Project

The Collinsville Area Community Foundation has announced a partnership with Build Maryville to raise funds to build an entertainment pavilion at Fireman’s Park in the Village of Maryville.

“We are very excited about this collaboration with the Collinsville Area Community Foundation,” said Mike Spillers,chairperson for the Maryville Parks and Recreation Committee, “Build Maryville is a subcommittee of the Parks and Rec Committee charged with facilitating the design, fundraising and construction of a pavilion in Fireman’s Park. The collaboration with CACF gives Build Maryville the base needed to move this project forward.”

Kai Redmon, CACF chairman, added: “The Collinsville Area Community Foundation appreciates the opportunity to partner with Build Maryville. This partnership is exactly what we are striving to achieve in all of the communities we serve. We want to work together with each one to enhance the quality of life by investing in youth, communities and residents.”

Need for Pavilion in Fireman’s Park led to Formation of Build Maryville

The popularity of Maryville’s annual Fireman’s Picnic/Homecoming, and other events throughout the year, led to discussion of the need for an entertainment pavilion on the grounds of Fireman’s Park. Build Maryville was formed as a subcommittee of Parks and Recreation in 2023 to raise money to build a permanent structure.

According to Maryville Mayor Craig Short, the Village had received a substantial donation from the American Legion to jumpstart funding for an entertainment pavilion in Fireman’s Park. Short said a preliminary committee was formed at that time to work with Henderson Associates Architects to design a concept for the pavilion.

“Then came Covid,” said Mayor Short, “And we not only saw pricing for electrical work and building supplies skyrocket, we also saw supply shortages. The project stalled and we needed a dedicated group to get this project moving along again. That’s when Build Maryville formed.”

“I think collaboration with the Collinsville Area Community Foundation will really help get the entertainment pavilion moving forward because CACF already has a structure in place that will work well for this project,” Mayor Short added.

Build Maryville’s first project is the entertainment pavilion, but their charge encompasses a wider vision to support the Maryville community. Their mission statement says: “Build Maryville will support the Village of Maryville and the surrounding community through advisory, volunteerism, fundraising, facilitation of communications, and preservation of the spirit and traditions of the Village of Maryville.”

Build Maryville has three main goals:    

- Increase communications throughout the Village to make residents aware of the many projects and events that occur within the Village.

- Create a network of residents who have skills and knowledge valuable to our community and help facilitate special projects to be funded and completed.

- Establish a system for residents, businesses, and other supporters of the Village to make donations for small to midsize capital campaign projects.[Make] a difference, one project at a time.

“We are happy to have Build Maryville on board with CACF. We will work together on this project and future projects that will improve not only Maryville, but the entire CUSD 10 school district,” added CACF Chairman Kai Redmon.

Support the Build Maryville Entertainment Pavilion

The Maryville Entertainment Pavilion is being designed for use during the Firemen’s Picnic/Homecoming, Fall Festival, concerts in the park, movie nights and more.

Donations may also be mailed to:

Collinsville Area Community Foundation, 125 S. Center St.,Collinsville, IL 62234. Maryville Entertainment Pavilion should be designated on the check.

For more information regarding the Maryville Entertainment Pavilion or Build Maryville, contact Maryville Parks and Recreation at 618-223-8965 or email



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